The statistics tell the story...

There are more than 170,000 real estate companies in the United States and Canada
Nearly all are managed and owned by real estate licensees. Historically, the only buyers of real estate offices were brokers. Today, private capital investors are seeing the wisdom of owning real estate offices and that group of investors expands the field of potential buyers.

Most real estate brokerage companies have fewer than 50 agents
Bigger is not always better. Indeed, the backbone of the real estate industry is still the small to medium sized enterprise, which is our area of focus.

Most are owned by someone over 55 who's preparing to retire
Most owners conceived their businesses for market entry and then worked for growth. Many, however, never planned their exit strategies. The problem for owners is finding qualified buyers to purchase their businesses or competent managers to run it for them so they can take a passive role. We address that issue by expanding the marketplace of potential buyers through its paradigm-shifting approach that creates a way for "non-real estate licensed" investors to participate in this changeover.

About half of all real estate companies are in the red
The sad truth is that for many successful agents, opening their own brokerage seemed like the logical next step. But without the required management skills they simply got in over their heads. Perhaps the business was undercapitalized from inception. Maybe the owner lacked the skills or resources necessary to keep up with emerging technologies. Many have simply become "market-injured." Often, it just takes the right "shot in the arm" to turn these businesses around. Sometimes, it happens in as few as 30 days.

Doing things the right way
Personal service, attention to detail, and complete confidentiality are still the primary attributes that our real estate brokerage clientele expect and receive. Whether you seek to buy or sell a real estate company, great opportunities are available. Call us today at 314.414.4242 for a confidential discussion.
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