There’s an overlooked investment opportunity in real estate…
and it’s not condo’s, timeshares, fixer-uppers, or rental properties –– It’s real estate companies.

And you can earn double-digit returns while someone else manages the business with as little as a $25,000 investment when you join other investors who buy units of ownership in a going real estate business.

Historically, only real estate brokers owned real estate brokerage companies. That’s because it took someone with a real estate license and sales background to supervise and train other agents who joined their office. Essentially, new owners tended to be “top producers” who opened his or her own shop, someone who wanted to take their career to the “next level”.

Now, because of third-party brokerage management companies like Compass Realty Systems – passive investors can buy a real estate brokerage business (or part of one) and earn double-digit returns. And, the profit potential is much greater than that earned on rental properties and much less risky than speculating on condos or land developments.

A properly managed medium-sized realty office can earn sizable profits yielding sizable returns to passive owners who share the ownership of such offices.  And, that’s after paying a third-party management company to run it!

If you'd like to learn more about this lucrative business opportunity, and why owning a real estate office could be the best real estate investment ever, please feel free to contact Bob Vanderselt, an independent business broker at 314.414.4242.

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Robert (Bob) Vanderselt
Realty Office Business Brokers

PS: if you presently own or have ever thought of owning investment rental properties – you should take a look at our side-by-side comparison analysis of a real estate company VS. an apartment building. The year-by-year ROI will surprise you. To see the comparison, please visit
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