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Here’s a 2-minute story that illustrates the profitability of our business opportunity

Here’s a 2-minute story that compares the profitability of our passive business opportunity.

There were two investment clubs…

Both were looking for passive income opportunities.

Investment Club A contacted Adrienne, a real estate agent, who recommended buying an apartment. Adrienne also represented a property management company who could manage the day-to-day management of the apartment building for the new owner. A great passive investment priced at $100K.

Investment Club B –
contacted Bill, a business broker, who recommended buying a partial ownership interest in a business; in this case, a real estate brokerage business. The present owner would handle day-to-day to management duties. A great passive investment priced at $100K.

And so, Investment Club A bought an apartment; and Investment Club B bought a business. Each paid cash for their investment. Each broker made a commission on the sale, and each buyer enjoyed passive earnings while someone else operated the business for them.  

8 years later… Here is how each investment club fared (amounts are rounded):


Investment Club A

Investment Club B

Type of investment:

4-Family Apartment Bldg

Real Estate Brokerage Biz

Total cash investment:

4 units @ $25K = $100K

20 units @ $5K = $100K

(Assumes 3% growth rate)



Year-1 earnings:



Year-2 earnings:



Year-3 earnings:



Year-4 earnings:



Year-5 earnings:



Year-6 earnings:



Year-7 earnings:



Year-8 earnings:



Cumulative earnings:



Average annual earnings:



Average annual ROI:




Investor Club A – earned back 60% of their initial investment in 4 years.

Investor Club B – earned back 96% of their initial investment in 4 years.

Investor Club A – earned an average of 15.9% annually.

Investor Club B – earned an average of 31.0% annually, growing from 7% to 39% annually, over 8 years.


NOTE: Investment Club B – having gotten their investment capital back so quickly – purchased additional units ($5K each) each year with earnings, resulting in 40 units owned by start of 5th year. This increased their annual earnings to more than $78K per year by Year 8 on an initial investment of $100K.

Question: Which investment club would you choose to join?





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