Our services include evaluating the best exit strategy and assisting in its execution.
Often, a sale is not the optimum arrangement. We help our clients identify and assess all their options.

If your situation falls into any of the above categories, let's explore the possibilities.

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Company Owners
We work with owners of real estate companies regardless of current profitability...

  • Break-even or marginally profitable companies, that may have value to other firms that can benefit from economies of scale

Real Estate Teams & Private Practices
We work with individual real estate practices or real estate teams headed by retiring agents...

  • We help successful single-agent practices or small teams achieve financial rewards for recruiting their team members.

  • Team members can remain as a unit with minimal disruption to progress or processes.

  • It's the best opportunity to negotiate the optimum commission split for your group.
Do you want to buy an operating real estate practice or company instead of starting from scratch?

  • We specialize in the sale and purchase of small and medium size real estate offices including the sale of teams and individual real estate practices.

  • Read the story about two investment clubs and how one earned a 30% ROI while the other earned just 7%.
Passive Investors
If you are an investor with as little as $25,000 capital to invest, but neither the time nor inclination to run the business...

  • We specialize in the sale and purchase of small and medium size real estate offices.

  • Often, the most qualified managers lack sufficient capital to acquire a suitable office and need financial partners. We arrange profitable partnerships between capable managers and accredited investors.
We specialize in the listing and sale of privately held, small to medium sized realty offices in Missouri and adjoining states. Our specialty is providing fast and seamless transfer of ownership, completed in strict confidence so your competitors won't know about the sale until after the transaction is final. We work with firms of various sizes and profitability. We also facilitate mergers, joint partnerships and realty office management services through affiliate partners.
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